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Hurt/Comfort Big Bang

A Hurt/Comfort Multi-Fandom Big Bang

A Multi-Fandom Hurt/Comfort Big Bang
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Hurt/Comfort Big Bang


Hurt/Comfort Big Bang
Email hcbigbang.mods@gmail.com
There are many different types of bigbangs, all varying slightly, but generally a bigbang is a process in which authors write long fics (here, 25,000 words or longer) and artists make art for that piece of work. Simple in concept, right? This bigbang specializes in the genre hurt/comfort. Everything preliminary for this bigbang is hosted in this livejournal community, but on the reveal date, all contributions (art, stories, vids, fanmixes, etc.) will be hosted on a separate website archive (likely AO3). When everything is ready, the archive goes live, resulting in you going blind from trying to read all these huge stories and checking out all the fantastic artwork and vids. Sounds fun, right?

What kind of timeline will I be under?
Author Sign Ups: OPEN - Aug.30.2013
Artist Sign Ups: OPEN - Jan.31.2014
Beta Sign Ups: OPEN - OPEN
Check Point #1 (optional): Nov.15.2013
Check Point #2 (mandatory): Jan.17.2014
Check Point #3 (10K for art): Mar.14.2014
Art Claiming: Mar.15.2014
Art & Final Story Due: May.20.2014
Public Posting: June.01.2014

Can I join this comm?
Absolutely! Feel free to join and watch the comm even if you aren't signing up; if you ARE signing up you need to join the comm ASAP. Some important reminders and post will be members locked.

How do I sign up?
An AUTHOR, go here.
If you an ARTIST, please go here.
If you are offering to BETA READ, go here.
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Sign Ups: Authors
Sign Ups: Betas
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